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    Sharm El Sheikh

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Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Start your search with a look at the best rates.

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Start your search with a look at the best rates.

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Discover Sharm El Sheikh

With a name that translates from Arabic into English as "Bay of the Sheikh", Sharm el-Sheikh is a lovely resort city seated where the Straits of Tiran pour out into the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. As is the case with many cities along the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea coasts, Sharm el-Sheikh (colloquially called "Sharm" by locals) had humble beginnings as a fishing village. The city has majorly transformed since those humble days, first to a major port and naval base, then to a lively resort destination with Best Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh All Inclusive and divers for the spectacular underwater scenery. Today, this bustling city is a favorite vacation spot for tourists across the world, especially those from Europe, with national parks to preserve the beauty of the surrounding area, a wide range of places to see and things to do, and an animated nightlife scene.

One of the most stunning areas near Sharm el-Sheikh is the Ras Mohamed National Park. In addition to spectacular coral reefs and over a thousand different marine species living among these reefs, you can also explore the wreck of the British ship SS Thistlegorm, which sank near the Ras Mohamed coast in 1941. There is much to see on land in this tranquil park, as well, with a large mangrove forest and acacia trees that draw migrating birds to the area to rest and eat before continuing their migration. Another lovely diving area is Ras um Sid, immediately by the city. Enormous schools of fish roam through the shallow parts of the water, allowing for snorkeling and swimming near the reefs. For more adventurous divers, the sea floor drops off sharply from the shallow banks with an even wider variety of marine life and coral in its depths. Sharm el-Sheikh has many diving centers with dive guides who will take you to the best diving spots for your diving experience level.
There are a few churches and mosques in the city that are a shining example of the region's architecture. Although interior tours are not currently permitted, it is still worth taking a look at the outside of the Al Mustafa Mosque, a recently built mosque inspired by the architectural styles of medieval mosques from the stunning minarets that reach out to the sky to the domed roof of the main building. A tour of the recently built Greek Orthodox Heavenly Cathedral and Coptic Church will dazzle you with numerous frescoes lovingly painted on the ceiling as well as the lovely stained glass windows. Services held at these churches are also open to tourists if you wish to attend. Out of respect of those who may be worshiping in these places, it is strongly recommended to be modestly dressed prior to touring or attending a service at these churches.

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh with Aqua Park

Hottest Things to do, Sharm El Sheikh

In addition to the natural attractions and beautiful places of worship and Best Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh All Inclusive, there are several activities in the city to enjoy. The Ghibli Raceway features a large track with hairpin turns and long stretches of track amid desert terrain for an exciting time zooming through the course and perfecting the art of cornering with the speedy go-karts. For a change from the salty waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, there are three water parks to slip down water slides and float down lazy rivers for hours of fun. Walking through the open air markets in the afternoon can be a fun way to find local spices, handmade jewelry, and many other things at inexpensive prices. There are also modern outdoor shopping centers that offer live entertainment during the evening hours and are home to world-renowned department stores offering luxury goods.

After a day at the water parks or exploring the sea, Sharm el-Sheikh has over two hundred and fifty restaurants serving cuisines from nearly all corners of the world. However, this city truly comes to life when the moon rises over the Gulf of Aqaba. A night trip to the desert offers a tranquil spot to stargaze and perhaps brush up on your knowledge of the constellations for a peaceful end to your day. For a more lively way to end the night, you can enjoy a beer or two at one of Sharm el-Sheikh's nearly twenty bars while chatting with the locals and other tourists or people-watch at a cafe while enjoying coffee. If your intent is to party until just before the sun rises over the gulf, there are several night clubs and discos to enjoy a night of dancing to a wide variety of musical genres.
Once the night clubs have closed their doors for the night or your coffee has worn off, few things are more appealing than a good night's sleep. Whether you're seeking to stay at one of the cheap hotels in the city or wish to go all-out by indulging in a stay at an all-inclusive hotel, friendly English-speaking staff await to escort you to a clean and comfortable room. Backpackers and other travelers on a tight budget will find that Sharm el-Sheikh's budget hotels offer a wonderful experience without having to spend a lot of money. These modest rooms offer traditional furnishings and lead out to private balconies that give a view of the sea. After dining at the on-site restaurant, you can arrange a guided dive tour with one of the hotel's diving personnel or enjoy a lazy day laid out on the private beach.

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

If you find yourself needing a bit more space than what modest budget hotel rooms offer, Sharm el-Sheikh's 3-star hotels will afford you the extra room you need with contemporary furnishings and views of the sea or mountains from your hotel room. While the on-site laundry service handles your dust-covered clothes from the day's trek into the desert, you can take a dip in the pool or relax with a massage. After dining on a delicious meal at your hotel's restaurant, you can enjoy a drink at the bar to wind down your day. With a 24-hour service desk, should you need anything at any time of day or night, the front desk will do what it takes to make things right for your maximum comfort.

From on-site tennis courts to gardens throughout the grounds, you may almost find yourself not wanting to leave Sharm el-Sheikh's 4-star hotels to go on daytime excursions. When the heat is a little more than you can handle, you can play a few rounds of billiards or pamper yourself with a spa treatment at the hotel's spa while waiting for the sun to set. After having dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants, you can catch an evening show put on by the hotel's entertainment staff before having fun into the wee hours of the night at the hotel's in-house nightclub. When the party is over, your large room with contemporary furnishings awaits to carry you into a peaceful sleep before the next day's adventures.
Large suites decorated with the finest modern furnishings that open up to spacious private terraces will make you feel like a sheikh in Sharm el-Sheikh's 5-star hotels. After having a delicious breakfast in your room or at one of the hotel's many elegant on-site restaurants, enjoy a day lounging on the shores of the private beach or on the lushly decorated outdoor terraces surrounding the many beautiful pools on the grounds. When you arrive from the airport, these luxury hotels will have a driver waiting to whisk you away to your hotel. If you're heading out for the day, these hotels provide a wonderful packed lunch to sustain you while you explore all the city and its surroundings have to offer. Before heading to dinner, you can relax and socialize with other guests at the hotel's lounges or have a pre-dinner cocktail at the bar.
A stunning area where the desert meets the sea and its colorful environment below the waves, Sharm el-Sheikh has earned the nickname "City of Peace" as its strategic location and natural beauty makes it ideal for Middle Eastern leaders to congregate and discuss important issues at the city's congress center. Indeed, how could even the mightiest leader harbor thoughts of war against his neighbors when surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling waters and towering mountains? With numerous natural and modern attractions to enjoy, your stay in Sharm el-Sheikh will be anything but monotonous.

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